§ ZNC the ultimate IRC bouncer

I still remember the time when bnc was the only and ultimate, where there was no irssi and BitchX was cool. Then came psyBNC which was all you needed unless you wanted to proxy more than one network at the same time. Then I moved to screen running irssi, and so it has been for quite some time. Recently though I decided I want to ‘get back’ to graphical IRCing. XChat was the obvious choice, at it started as a clone of the best client I ever used - AmIRC.

However I like the idea of having a session constantly online - mainly for catching all privmsgs and logging everything (useful and it is really cool to read logs from a decade back). I tried with psyBNC - which now has a support for many networks at once. Sort of support. I won’t go into details about it as it’s not worth it. I poked some friends on IRC and got pointed to ZNC. No need to look any further.

§ Introducing ZNC

ZNC will do the following for you:

It works perfectly, though there are two things I found ‘weird’:

Thanks goes to Werbat for suggesting ZNC (and having it already installed).

XChat through ZNC.

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