2013-02-09 RaspberryPi Swiss army dashboard, or just a clock
On one hand this isn't going to shatter your world or make your RPi the most useful piece of hardware you've ever bought, but then it's neat and more appealing that you can imagine (trust me, at least on the 'appealing' claim). I was encouraged to write something more accessible to the newcomers, so I'll write about more stuff than what's just needed to get the clock done.
2013-01-30 Monitoring electricity
A short tale and a script for monitoring electricity status for all those who have a simple UPS. No additional hardware required.
2013-01-28 Scripting for the desktop environment
As I didn't get together to write a series of posts for setting up a custom DE I am sharing here most of the useful scripts I have written. They deal with stuff like touchpad, joystick, external monitors setup, running jackd, spinning down external drives etc. Even if you use a full-blown DE you may still be interested to see how the 'magic' can be done.
2013-01-05 Simple XMPP relay
Sometimes you would like to have some messages from you servers/bots send to you in real-time. The XMPP protocol is the perfect way to do that, since everybody has a GMail/Jabber account nowadays and it works with your smartphone. The simple script presented here does it the minimal way - using an UNIX pipe for input.
2012-12-22 Monitoring your LAN
Mostly a fun project letting you gather and visualize data on when the computers on your LAN are online. This is done by passively monitoring the ARP cache on the main router. There is also a script to generate an Excel file with a data dump.
2012-12-06 Fish, the modern shell
Still using bash for you daily command line?
2012-12-04 ZNC the ultimate IRC bouncer
I wanted to use XChat locally but have logging done on the server around-the-clock. After trying the usual suspect of psyBNC I found out that, even though now it's possible, the support for multiple networks is really painful. I asked around and was pointed out towards ZNC, which is so good it justifies a post.
2012-11-29 Private browsing hacker style
A short memo on combining tor, privoxy and xombrero to create a quick, fully secure and anonymous browsing environment. Nothing new, but you may have not seen xombrero in action - you should. The end result is very practical and looks very evil-hacker-style.
2012-11-27 Wallpaper randomiser
Simple goal - write the shortest and easiest wallpaper randomiser possible. In fact, it's a script to get a random line from a file, so you may use it for something else.
2012-08-06 Using nanoc for blogging
Building simple framework for blogging using nanoc. Nanoc's documentation doesn't really provide any coherent example, so at first this may be a little frustrating. I also did some useful filters for automatic media inserting and filtering.
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